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Mulch and Bark
Organic mulches are typically bark chips, wood grindings, or pole peelings. Mulches cover and cool soil, minimize evaporation, reduce weed growth and slow erosion. Mulched planting beds and tree rings are an ideal attractive replacement for turf or rock areas.

Chipped tree bark (commonly pine) ranges in size from 2" to 3" (large bark) and 1" to 2" (medium bark). The large and medium bark is more decorative than the smaller bark and mulch products.

Supreme Mulch (small bark)
Supreme mulch ranges in size from 1/2" to 1" in diameter. The smaller bark may be more usable in the small planter or garden type situation but where the bark look is desired. Also good for play areas, under swings, etc.

Deco Shred Mulch
Deco shred mulch ranges in size from 2" to 3" in diameter and is usually brown in color. Deco shred is a mix of bark and shredded wood, an economical ground cover.

Pole Peelings Mulch
Pole peelings mulch is thin 3" pieces of shredded material which resembles large wood whittlings. Pole peelings are blonde in color, an economical ground cover.

Wood Chips Mulch
Wood chips mulch consists of thin 2" chips, which are blonde in color. All of the products listed above are most often a pine or fir product. The color will change to silver/gray with age.
Aspen Mulch
Aspen mulch ranges from 1" to 3" in diameter and is brown to gray in color. Aspen mulch has a small percentage of pine bark and chips added to prevent mildew.

Cedar Mulch
Cedar mulch, a fibrous material (1" to 3" pieces) made from shredded cedar bark, is our most popular mulch product. It has an attractive reddish color, a pleasant smell and is a natural insect repellent. The top layer will change in color to a silver/gray with age.

Second Harvest Mulch
Second harvest mulch is available in brown, gold, red, and rose colors. It is made from recycled construction material such as pallets, 2 x 4's, etc. and is dyed with a non toxic dye. Because it is dyed, the color will last longer than that of natural mulches.

Sierra Chips Mulch
Sierra chips mulch is made from aged spruce and are flat 1/2" to 2", rectangular shaped chips. Sierra chips are a medium to a dark brown color.

Redwood Mulch
Not stocked by all stores, available by special order.
A shredded fibrous material usually dark red in color. This material creates a blanket that is wind resistant. Coverage approximately 100 square feet per cubic yard at 2" depth.
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